How to begin giving an allowance

How to Start Giving an Allowance

I’m over at the Chattanooga Moms Blog today, writing about why and how to begin giving your children an allowance.

“Kids need to learn the value of money. Granted, it may take them awhile, but having their own money to save and spend is the first step. When you are in charge of what they can and can’t have, kids have no understanding of how quickly money can be used up, or how long it took to get the money in the first place. Having an allowance also allows you to set some boundaries about what you’re responsible for. Parents, for example, are responsible for food, shelter, clothing, supplies for school…things kids NEED. Other things – toys, trips, treats – are free to be bought as a parent sees fit. Your children stop seeing you an endless bank of money, and start learning to prioritize their own needs and wants.”

Read more over at CMB….

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