Happiness Myths That Are Keeping You Down

Clients often find themselves sitting on my couch telling me that they just want to be happier. They are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, sadness, helplessness, stress, panic, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, or frustration. They don't want to feel those things. They want to feel happy. Our ideas about happiness, however, are sometimes part of [...]

10 Tips for the Perfect Therapist’s Office

Whether you have had your own office for a while, or are moving into a new space, you need to know how to make your office therapeutically helpful to your clients. Below, you'll find my top 10 tips for creating the perfect therapist's office. Follow these tips (and my Pinterest board!) and you'll have an office that [...]

Maybe you don’t need therapy: how coaching can fill a void

  You're struggling with whether or not to stay in a relationship. You hate your job but feel there are no other options. You are scared to take on a new opportunity or feel "stuck" in a situation. It seems like everyone around you is more confident and more successful than you. You've talked to your [...]

Joining a Women’s Group Changed My Life

One year ago, I was working in a depressing, mismanaged counseling center where I constantly worried about my effectiveness with clients, and felt like I was just passing time until I could start my own practice. I relied on reassurance from my supervisors and peers, and constantly compared myself to the other counselors I knew. When [...]

New Mom Struggles (that no one talks about)

New moms inevitably receive loads of well-wishes, cute-baby stories, and more advice than they'd actually like to hear. But, for myself and many other moms I know, there were a lot of things that I WISH people had told me before I became a mother. The journey into parenthood - especially during those first few months [...]

How to Cure Your Picky Eater

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Do mealtimes cause you stress? Have you ever been frustrated when, after slaving over a healthy meal, your child turns up his or her nose yet again? We have had several picky eaters in our house - some of whom are just picky, and some of [...]

The Best Thing to Do if Someone You Know Is Getting Divorced

Getting divorced, or know someone who is? How Will friends and family respond?  I'm over at the Chattanooga Moms Blog today, writing about my own experience. "The most difficult aspect of being divorced hasn’t been the co-parenting (and yes, that’s a tough one), or navigating a blended family, or even grieving the marriage that didn’t [...]

I’m Not Raising “Nice” Girls

Do you ever tell your kids to be "nice"? Maybe that's not what you should be saying. Today, I'm writing for the Chattanooga Moms Blog, and tackling the tricky subject of what it means to be nice vs. kind. Don't think there is a difference? Check out my post before you decide. "My daughter doesn’t [...]

Learning to Listen

Glennon Doyle Melton. Do you know her? She’s an author, blogger, and speaker, and a few years ago, wrote honestly and openly about a problem in her marriage that almost split them up. She allowed readers to follow along as she and her husband worked to repair their relationship, and, in her words, worked to [...]

It’s Okay to Enjoy A Break

Do you ever get a break from your kids, or wish you did? It doesn't make you a bad parent, and it's perfectly normal! Today, I'm over at the Chattanooga Moms Blog, writing about the negative comments I got when I posted a picture on Instagram. In the picture, I was joking about how happy [...]