counseling is for everyone

No matter what your situation, you want to feel like your best self. Maybe you feel like you’ve gotten lost in dark hole. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a really difficult phase of life. Or maybe you feel pretty good, but feel “stuck” in some area of life – career, relationships, finances, self-love, etc. The common denominator is that you know you’re not totally happy and you want to figure out what to do next. Getting support from someone on the outside, with training in literally helping people, can be invaluable. 

Right here, right now

You want change now, and don’t want to spend years talking to a counselor. I get it. That’s why I use an integrative approach based on your needs to find solutions to the problems you’re facing right now. We’ll talk about your past (afterall, I am trained in therapy), but we won’t spend lots of time there unless you find it helpful. I want to help you figure out what motivates you, and what holds you back so that you can quickly identify what areas need to change. You don’t need hours of psychological analysis; you need to simply know yourself better and come up with solutions that help you focus on creating your best life.

You’re unique. So is counseling.

The process and outcome looks different with each of my clients. You don’t like the same music as everyone else, or order the same thing at Starbucks, so why should your counseling experience be one-size-fits-all? Not everyone experiences the same problems, thinks of things the same way, or has the same values, so what we do in counseling will be tailored to you as an individual. What works for your mom, your partner, your best friend, or your Facebook group, may not click with you, and that’s perfectly fine! There is no single answer to a problem, so the answer we come to will be the answer that feels best to you.

Lifelong – not temporary – changes

I’m trying to work myself out of a job. I want you to feel better so that you don’t need me anymore. My goal isn’t to keep you coming back, but to build you up so that you you continue feeling competent, confident, and capable of living a more authentic and intentional life that reflects who you are. The tools we use and ideas we discuss will be helpful to you outside my office – when you’re facing a difficult situation, making major life changes, or unable to sleep at 2am. You won’t be free from challenges in life or strong, sometimes uncomfortable, emotions, but you will know how to handle them.

On the fence about working with me? REad this for answers to your common concerns and the benefits of counseling

In my office, I often help women who are struggling with the following:
  • Postpartum stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Major life changes
  • Grief and loss
  • Loss of identity
  • Changes in career
  • Issues with romantic relationships and sexuality
  • Old patterns of behavior that need to change
  • Divorce and/or remarriage
  • Appropriate boundaries with self and others
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