Partner with Me

I love supporting women and families through the transitions of pregnancy and parenthood, am passionate about helping women find their voice and fulfill their dreams, and get a kick out of helping other professionals start and grow their practice. I’m always interested in collaborating on a presentation, workshop, class, book group/study, or other event to supplement your own growth or the work of your organization. The topics below are just a sampling of what I can offer, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your own questions or ideas.

Topics for new and expecting parents:
  • How to Spot (and Survive!) the Baby Blues, Postpartum Anxiety, and Depression
  • Healthy Postpartum Expectations for Healthy Families
Topics for Parents with Children any age:
  • Parenting Ourselves Helps Us Parent Our Children
  • Decrease Your Emotional Reactivity and Decrease Conflict in Your Home
Topics for Women:
  • Defriend Your Inner Critic and Get to Know Your Inner Mentor
  • How to Live without the Need for Praise or the Fear of Criticism
  • Why You Should Take Risks (and How to Begin!)
Topics for Professionals:
  • How to Start Your Private Practice in One Week
  • What Every Successful Website Has in Common
  • Use Social Media to Grow Your Practice and Connect with Clients
Interested in setting something up? Call me at 423-822-2054 or fill out the form below so that we can get started. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can!