New Mamas

Are you going to have a baby soon, or have recently (within the last year or so) given birth or added a baby to the family? Wondering if you have the baby blues, postpartum depression, anxiety, or stress? If you’re struggling with the transition, it’s okay! Lots of parents feel this way when a new baby has joined the family. Roles change, responsibilities increase, and there’s often a feeling like you’ve lost some of your identity. (Check out this blog post I wrote about common struggles of new parents.) You can and will feel better, and I can help get that process going.

Working with me during this phase of life might be right for you if:
  • You are feeling depressed or anxious after the birth or adoption of your child
  • You wonder if you are a good mother or father
  • You feel as though you have lost a sense of who you are
  • You feel tension within your relationship with your partner
  • You feel alone
  • You struggle with feeling overwhelmed at the demands of parenthood
  • You both love your baby and feel suffocated by the 24/7 responsibilities
  • You feel guilty for not enjoying parenthood all the time

The work we do together can help you decrease your depression or anxiety, reconnect with yourself, let go of guilt, judgement, and self-doubt, and feel comfortable in your new role as mother or father. 

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