Good Morning, Mama

Did you just have a baby? Do you spend most of your days with small children? Are you trying to juggle work and parenthood? If you don’t feel like you’ve got this “motherhood” thing figured out, you’re not alone! Come join us for “Good Morning, Mama!” – a six week series designed to help you feel more confident, capable, and connected.

Each week, we’ll talk about a topic that lots of women struggle with, and will send you home with skills that you can use to make life easier. We’ll cover the following:

  • Self-criticism (that voice that says you’re not doing it right)
  • Emotional awareness (it’s okay to have ALL the feels)
  • Learning to set limits (is it something you HAVE to do?)
  • Tolerating disagreements (with partners, family, and friends)
  • Self-care (things that make you feel refreshed)
  • Clarifying your “essentials” (the tasks that make life easier)

So many women feel like they’re not making the cut, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Come sip some coffee, connect with other moms, and give yourself the support you’ve been craving.

We’ll meet weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am (babies in wraps / breastfeeding babes welcome) in my office located in downtown Chattanooga. The first of six sessions will begin on Tuesday, September 19th.

good morning mama