The Collective

**The Collective will begin again in February 2018. Please check back for updates on the next group.**

The Collective is a gathering of smart, motivated, whole-hearted women who want to make changes in their lives.

Whether you’re a working or SAHM mom, married or single, 20 or 50 years old, The Collective may be right for you if:
  • You feel like somewhere along the way, YOU started hiding – or even disappeared. The Collective will help you to see that you’ve been there all along and will help you connect to YOU again.
  • You feel like you never achieve what you really want. The Collective will give you tools to understand what has been holding you back and how to move forward.
  • You feel “stuck” and don’t know in what direction you should move. The Collective will “unstick” you so that you aren’t bound by fear, perceived responsibilities, or rules about how life should go.
  • You often feel alone in these struggles. The Collective will welcome you into a tribe of women who not only feel the same way, but are showing up to support each other and creating a unique community of compassion, vulnerability, and commitment to action.
The Collective brings together resources that make known, and enhance, the power that you already have inside you.

Let’s talk about what I have in store for you over the next 10 months.

  • Ten Powerful Teaching Bundles that will provide you with tools and guidance aimed to help you claim a bigger role in what your life is giving you.
    • Befriend Your Inner Critic. We all have one, and so often, we think we have to get rid of her. Instead, you’ll learn not to take her so seriously.
    • Welcome the Real You. Learn to stop relying on that critical self to make all the judgement calls, and welcome more decisions made by your intuition instead.
    • Understand Fear. Learn the differences between life-saving fear, and powerful fear, and how to reduce the impact that fear has on your life.
    • Give Up Attachment to Praise & Criticism. Learn to care less about what others think, and to rely more on what you know to be true.
    • Stop Doing Everything the “Right” Way. Learn to challenge the ideas that you have to follow all the rules, do things in a specific order, or stick with what’s familiar.
    • Observe Self-Sabotage. Learn to identify the ways in which you are holding yourself back, and how to push past those hangups.
    • Take Risks. Learn to stop playing it safe, so that you take risks that fuel more movement, passion, and confidence in your own abilities.
    • Communicate with Power and Clarity. Learn to navigate the line between saying enough and saying too much, and how to own your words.
    • Answer Your Calling. Identify your calling, and how to answer it. I’ll teach you what the steps should look like, and how to begin.
    • Stop Making Change Difficult. Learn to question the age-old idea that change takes “hard work,” and embrace how easily change happens when you support yourself.

“Collective” Conversations. Once each month, the entire Collective will meet together face-to-face for two hours, with food and drink, to discuss the month’s big theme and teaching bundle.

One-on-one Coaching. Signups will take place each month for hour-long individual coaching sessions with me. We’ll focus on your specific questions and challenges regarding the month’s theme. And regardless of these sessions, if you need me, I’ll be there.

“Collective” Space. You’ll be added to a private, virtual circle (usually through a Facebook group) where you can check in anytime to share your achievements, struggles, questions, and fears. I’ll be there adding helpful resources, facilitating new conversations and assignments, and supporting you.

Community Built for You. Instead of feeling alone, you’ll be choosing to surround yourself with women who, like you, want to feel like the powerful women they know deep down inside they are.


What other women are saying….

group“I participated in a women’s collective that Kimberly led last year. It was my first such group, and I was a bit nervous initially. The idea of opening up to a group of strangers was daunting, but I’m so glad I took the leap and joined. My hope was to gain some tools for leading a more intentional, authentic life, but what I left with was so much more than I expected. The bond I quickly formed with the other women has lasted beyond the collective, and we still lean on one another for support. Kimberly uses techniques that challenge you to really examine your life and assess what works, and conversely, what hinders your personal growth. I can’t wait to take part in another one of her collectives. It might sound strange, but I’ve never felt like such an active participant in my own life. ” – Ashley

“The Women’s Collective with Kimberly has changed my life for the better. I learned so much about myself while also meeting new people. Based on all the skills I learned, I don’t think she charged enough! I hope to join her again to pick up more tools to help me meet my potential and live my best life possible.” – Caitlin

Sorry, but registration has closed! Please check back for updates on the Next collective, beginning February 2018.


(What you’d pay for three hours of individual counseling per month: $270)

 Your Investment

Investing in yourself is like planting a seed that will sprout, grow, bloom, and re-seed itself in all directions. It helps you to create a fuller, more vibrant garden. Money, however, so often becomes the reason that women avoid planting those seeds. But money is merely a symptom of a larger problem – the idea that what you want or need isn’t important.  When you say “yes,” you challenge that critical voice inside you that says you don’t matter, that it isn’t a good time, or that you won’t be successful.  Money is just another form of energy that you put forth into the world. Your financial contribution to The Collective helps you to stay present and focused on what you want to get out of the experience, and I can’t wait to see what you will do throughout the year.

My Investment

I am investing my time, money, and energy into The Collective because of the vision I hold for this community of women in Chattanooga. This is deep and meaningful work to me, and I take it very seriously. I will show you up for you every time I say I will, and anytime you ask. As such, when you join The Collective, I want you to be “all in.” There are no refunds for time already invested in The Collective, and payments cannot be transferred to another service.

Dates & Timing

Collective Conversations will be determined each month based on majority availability, but will most likely be in the evening. Coaching sign-ups will be offered at the beginning of each month for various days/times. Content for each theme will be made available at the Collective Conversation, and immediately online afterwards.