“The Cultivated Mother” is Retiring

For several years, I’ve been blogging over at “The Cultivated Mother,” and as much I’ve loved sharing that space with you, TCM feels like the wrong fit these days. I’m not trying to cultivate myself predominantly as a mother. I don’t feel like a newbie to the journey of motherhood, and I’m no longer trying to flesh out the values that I bring to parenting. Instead, as a woman who has divorced her husband, moved across the world, sent her homeschooled kids to public school, gone back into the workforce, and fallen in love with another man, I feel as though I’m now cultivating a life.

It’s been 5 months since I wrote a post for “The Cultivated Mother,” and there are many reasons for my online absence. My time, emotions, and loyalties have all been affected by my full-time job, my divorce, and my new relationship. There were often times when I wanted to write about those transitions – the good and the bad – but I felt restrained by the judgement and questions that I feared would come my way. So, I wrote nothing.

There is one tiny problem, however, with writing nothing: I love to write. I feel compelled to write honestly about this life I am living, struggles included. If there is one person out there who is going through something similar, I want them to know that they are not alone. Being in a relationship is challenging. Parenting is challenging. Hell, LIFE IS CHALLENGING. Pretending that it’s not doesn’t do anyone a favor.

So, “The Cultivated Mother” is going to be retired. It won’t disappear because I think there is a lot of valuable content there. You’ll soon find a link to TCM at the top of the page so that if you ever need homeschooling ideas, parenting advice, or information about living in and visiting Japan, you’ll still have access. In place of TCM, I’ll now be blogging here about anything and everything. You’ll most likely see content related to parenting (including step-parenting), new relationships, divorce, work-life balance, and spirituality.

My purpose is to help others cultivate the life they were meant to live. I believe the best life is the life crafted out of authenticity and intentionality, and though we can move towards that life on our own, the value of a community is priceless. I want to be part of your community, and I want to welcome you into mine. If you can find inspiration somewhere along my journey through life, that’s fantastic. If not, I hope you’ll at least find a little support, an encouraging pat on the back, as you pass by.

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