Research Says Spanking is Bad. So, Why Keep Doing It?

Spanking is bad

I’m over at the Chattanooga Moms Blog today, writing about the research on physical punishment. (It’s not good….)

I remember the first time I ever spanked one of my children. I was a young mom – 24 years old – and my toddler was fighting me while I tried to change her diaper. Without even thinking, I hit her thigh because I was so frustrated. I will always remember the look on her face – a look of complete surprise and shock that her mother had just hit her and caused her pain. I felt terrible. When my second child came along, I went through a rough phase during her toddler years where I swatted her when I couldn’t figure out what else to do. Every single time I did it, it was out of anger, and I knew it wasn’t the kind of parenting I wanted to do. I resolved not to spank my children any more and began a long journey towards self-awareness and positive, conscious parenting.

I know that spanking is a touchy subject, and when we feel our parenting style is being criticized, we often feel defensive and dig in our heels. But the research is clear: spanking is detrimental to our relationship with our children and our children’s mental health, and doesn’t work long-term. 

Head over to the Chattanooga Moms Blog to read more….

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