Hi! I’m Kimberly.

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Let’s get to know each otheR

Working with any coach is a big deal – you’re putting your trust in someone you haven’t personally met before, and attempting to be honest and vulnerable about what is going on in your life. I get it. That’s why I want you to get a sense of who I am, and whether or not I’m good fit for you, before you ever contact me. (If you’re looking for all my professional degrees and credentials, that information is here too. You’ll just need to scroll to the bottom to find it.)

My Core Values and Beliefs:

  • We are all whole and capable exactly as we are, right now.

  • We have the freedom to make decisions about our sexuality, religion, gender, bodies, and personal philosophies.

  • We have the freedom to change our minds about the lives we are living.

  • We all deserve love and compassion, no matter what our lives look like.

  • We all have an intuition that gives us clarity about the path we want to take.


I’m a feminist therapist-turned-coach who loves to work with women’s issues. Why? Because I’m aware that every difficult period of my life – figuring out what to do in undergraduate school, changing professional programs, moving overseas, getting divorced and remarried, launching a private practice – has been complicated by ideas, norms, beliefs, and assumptions of what it means to be a successful, loving, and good woman.

After doing loads of my own work (it doesn’t end, by the way), I realized that I can be the woman I desire to be when I love myself more completely, and by letting go of old beliefs, rules, and narratives that aren’t working for me. It’s been a skill I’ve had to build, and I now pass that knowledge on to my clients so that they don’t have to waste any more time doing things that don’t work.

Because I’ve done so much work on my own, I know how much energy and vulnerability it takes to start doing this kind of work in the first place. That’s why I work best with women who are so tired of feeling stuck that they’re ready to really dig in. I won’t change you or your life. YOU’LL change the parts of yourself and your life that weren’t really “you” to begin with. And I’m thrilled to support you in doing that.

I’m not going to sit quietly and say nothing while we work together - I like to jump right in with you. I’ll push you when you seem ready for it. I’ll be honest and open with you. And when we’re working together, you can focus your session on anything – relationships, sex, jobs, identities, children, good [and bad] experiences… Nothing is taboo.

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